D.M.A. racing gears

Toyota Supra sequential gearbox 
Torque rating: 6 speed = 900Nm,
5 speed = 1200Nm

D.M.A sequential gearbox for 1JZ/2JZ engines meets the strictest requirements for a racecar. Suitable for drift as well as for track, drag or any other discipline.
The neatest and best solution for MK III, MK IV Supra.

  • 5/6 speed
  • Patented dog engagement technology
  • REM isotropic superfinished parts
  • Contactless gear position sensor included
  • Reverse lock included
  • Wide range of gear and drop gear ratios
  • Easy and quick drop gears change
  • Wide and strong drop gears
  • Wide gears with 5 massive dogs
  • Billet casings
  • Various output flanges or slip yoke outputs possible
  • Straight cut (spur) gears
  • Designed for AP/Tilton hydraulic clutch release bearing
  • Bellhousings: Designed for various types of original bellhousings
  • Oil pump recirculation system (optional)
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