D.M.A. racing gears

Torque rating cndjcdns

Racing sequential gearbox for RWD applications with front mounted inline engines. D.M.A. sequential gearbox provides racecar with improved lap times thanks to quick engagement and latest design features achieving the best performance. D.M.A. rear wheel drive sequential gearboxes are sought-after product for drifers, circuit racers, hill climb racers, drag racers and many others all around the world. 

  • 5/6 speed 
  • Patented dog engagement technology 
  • Contactless gear position sensor included 
  • Reverse lockout included 
  • Wide range of gear and drop gear ratios 
  • Quick drop gears replacement 
  • Wide range of output flanges or slip yoke connections 
  • Straight cut gears 
  • Designed for AP/Tilton hydraulic clutch release bearing 
  • Oil pump recirculation system (optional) 

Possible as seamless version. Seamless sequential gearbox is absolute top what can racecar get as they outperform conventional sequential gearboxes in many aspects. It provides the driver with feeling like in Formula 1, however technology of the gearbox is different – our own. 

The greatest advantages of seamless sequential gearbox are: 

  • Continuous, uninterrupted flow of power to wheels 
  • 100% certainty of successful upshift even with slipping wheels 
  • Clutchless shifts are possible even without racing ECU and hence without necessity of the ignition cut 
  • Gear change with 0 delay (conventional sequential gearbox has usually delay 50-100ms). 
  • Keeps engine in maximum race mode