D.M.A. racing gears

4WD transaxle sequential 1071-W4
Torque rating: 6 speed = 900Nm,
5 speed = 1300Nm

Racing sequential gearbox for 4 wheel drive applications with direct inline propeller shaft output. D.M.A. sequential gearbox provides racecar with improved lap times thanks to quick engagement and latest design features achieving the best performance. This version with drop gears can be used in autocross buggy as well as for example in Audi Quattro applications.

  • 5/6 speed
  • Patented dog engagement technology
  • Contactless gear position sensor included
  • Reverse lockout included
  • Wide range of gear ratios and final drive ratios
  • Wide range of CV flanges
  • Wide range of drop gear ratios
  • LSD ramps: standard 40x0/53x0
  • on request 45x15 Straight cut gears
  • Designed for AP/Tilton hydraulic clutch release bearing
  • Plate style limited slip differential with external preload adjuster
  • Direct propeller shaft output inline with the gearbox
  • Oil pump recirculation system (optional)
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